Permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, microblading, and micropigmentation (and others) are all terms which refer to cosmetic tattooing. As with all well-placed tattoos, the pigment is placed under the epidermis, through the thin melanin layer which determines to color of the skin and into the top of the dermal layer.

The difference in terms often refers to the style, needle configuration, and tools. For creating hair stroke brows, both hand tools and machines can be used. Generally, a hand tool is capable of making finer hairs and hence does not last quite as long because there is less pigment in the skin. This procedure is most often referred to as microblading. I use both hand tools ("micro blades") and a machine to create hair strokes. For some people, microblading is not a good choice due to the nature of their skin. For example, oily skin does not take well to fine hairs and a soft powdery look will be be the result. A consultation will help to determine whether an ombre (powdery) brow or hair strokes will work best for an individuals skin and preference.

Over the years, Ellie has tried a variety of different tools and has found that the digital machine she uses now works best for eyeliner and lips.