Ellie is an artist and former art teacher and she really has an eye for shapes and detail.  I have been so happy with my liner and eye brows.  It’s incredible to wake up every morning and not have to worry about makeup.   A little foundation and mascara and I am good to go in less than 2 minutes.   I love how she worked with the shape of my eyes and gave them a tiny upturn on each side.   They really do seem larger, which is nice. I have gotten so many compliments from people about my brows and liner.  They are amazed when I tell them it’s permanent make-up. I highly recommend Ellie because she is a skilled artist, with great listening skills and a commitment to excellent results.
— Paula F
After doing a bunch of online research, I sent my step-mom to Ellie to get her eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips done for a birthday gift.  At first my mom was reluctant, because, hey, it is permanent, but after consulting with Ellie, she was confident to get going with the procedures.  Ellie was great in creating a look perfect for my mom and her facial features.  The results have made my mom so happy!  It took three visits that were easy to schedule.  Ellie is high-tech so my mom was able to schedule using email, text and on the phone.  I paid for the procedures with a card and it took 30 seconds (Ellie has this cool little card reader that she plugs into her phone!).  I cannot recommend Ellie high enough!
— Joel B
My Eyeliner is PERFECT!   Between owning a boat and scuba diving, I am in the water a lot.  I love that I always have some dimension to my eyes.  Ellie’s experience and artistic background give her the tools to give you the best permanent make up.  I wanted a bold thick top eyeliner and that is what I got.  Complete with a little “cat eye” flick on the ends.   Small downside is that it is time consuming.  Not any fault of Ellie’s.  There needs to be a certain amount of time for the numbing cream to take affect.  And you will want it to!  It is initially painful, but once that cream kicks in it is no problem.   Thanks Ellie!
— Brandy S
I cannot say enough about Ellie Frost! Her business, Classic Permanent Makeup, is truly the REAL DEAL! The work she has done on my eyes is nothing less than amazing! I am sooo thrilled that I invested in her talented hands to do my eyes. I have a medical condition of the eyes called chalazion that prevents me from wearing all eye makeup. WOW! I never have to worry about my eyes looking great. Ellie is so professional. She makes sure to schedule follow up visit(s) with each client. I didn’t think I’d want/need a follow up visit but good thing she insisted on scheduling one because as it turns out my eyes initially didn’t want to take the pigmentation of the tattoo but on the second visit my eyes are even more beautiful! Additionally, Ellie is extremely hygienic in her practice. I think she washed her hands a dozen times before she got started with me. Her space is impeccably clean. Furthermore, Ellie is a very very warm person. I am so very happy to have met her! Thank you sooo much Ellie!
— Kristin
I have wanted my eyebrows done for many years, and I finally decided to take the plunge and just go for it.  A friend recommended Ellie, and I’m so glad she did.  Ellie is professional, friendly, and the process is (mostly) painless (the “scratching” part wasn’t super pleasant but it wasn’t awful!).  Ellie makes you feel at ease right away, and she really listened to what I wanted.  I highly recommend contacting Ellie if you have ever considered getting makeup tattooed.  I’m so glad I did—I’m looking forward to a summer of swimming without my eyebrows melting off, haha!
— Rosalind M
I absolutely LOVE my permanent make-up. It’s something I’m so truly glad I’ve done. My face never looks “washed out” in the morning, and when doing any sporting activity where I don’t want to wear make-up, I still look fresh. I truly recommend anyone to have this done. Ellie is very talented and is an artist in her field. She really makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s truly worth doing!
— Becky Day
Most excellent artist, here at Classic Permanent Makeup!  I went in for one visit/procedure & was SO happy with the results, that I decided to do another area on my face.  I LOVE my eyebrows, and eyelash enhancement, as well as very natural-looking, but visual, eye-liner.  I love that it looks 100% perfect at all times.  Its there... and yet its not so stark & bold that I cant have that very natural “clean-face” look, when I want to relax & have a makeup free face!  However, if a little more “bold” is your style... she can do that, too. I’ve seen the photos — all excellent work.  If I could count all the LOST moments of time... the moments of previously wasted time spent adding or drawing on eyeliner & mascara... trying to shape my lips, get the lipliner ‘JUST’ perfect, yet subtle... and trying to shape & fill in my eyebrows & get the arch ‘juuuuust perfect’... I’m certain I would have at least 365 days worth of time, returned to me!!!  I LOVE how easy it is — which makes it all worthwhile putting up w/the (very!) mild discomfort of the process of tattooing on the desired look of make-up, or shaping eyebrows, filling in the eyebrow area for a thicker look, lips, etc.  I can personally attest to the fact that Ellie, at CPM, is highly professional, diligent, precise, artistic & incredibly skilled both at helping you to choose what will work for you, or fit w/your lifestyle at all times... as well as having a very soothing voice & calm presence that helps to keep you feeling comfortable & very positive about the experience.  She was willing to stop & start, and start & stop... (being very generous with her patience & time...!) as many times as I asked her to, for the simple reason, I was truly interested in watching the process unfold, and begin to create the desired results. If you are considering ANY permanent cosmetics... please do CALL Ellie Frost, at Classic Permanent Makeup.... I promise you, you’ll be VERY pleased w/the results —- and her prices are truly the best you’ll find in all of Portland!!  Go ahead & just DO IT!!  : )
— Glenda R